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Debunking the Myth: Why Startups Shouldn’t Shy Away from WordPress

I often hear that startups shy away from using WordPress as a CMS for their websites. The reasons? Founders don’t like it, have had bad experiences a decade ago, or simply find it not ‘fancy’ enough.

Isn’t the primary goal of an early stage startup to find the shortest path to product-market fit? In many cases, opting for a new, ‘fancy’ CMS can create distractions and may not necessarily bring the startup closer to achieving product-market fit. Companies need to make strategic decisions about their tools. It’s not about what’s trendy or innovative, but what aligns with their specific needs and goals.

If a startup founder decides that WordPress isn’t the best solution after thorough research, that’s fine. But they need to be honest with themselves. As a startup founder, the last thing you need is to grapple with the technology you use to convey your company’s message to the world.

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