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Why Ambitious Individuals Should Avoid Overly Processed Corporations

If you’re a young (or not so young) professional with a drive for success or an entrepreneurial spirit, you should be cautious about diving into highly processed corporations. This is especially true for Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) firms and Shared Services Centers (SSC).

By “highly processed corporations,” I’m referring to places where job titles like “senior process officer” are common and your duties are heavily defined. In these environments, you have almost no voice to change anything. You’re expected to follow procedures and do what’s told, leaving little room for creativity or innovation.

If you get too comfortable in such environments, there’s a high chance they’ll ‘rewire your brain’. You’ll become accustomed to repetitive work and a salary that arrives on a specific day, regardless of the quality of your work. This can lead to a mindset where any other job seems too challenging or risky, and the idea of starting your own business feels like an insurmountable hurdle.

Most likely, you’ll spend the rest of your professional life contemplating the idea of “starting something of my own,” but never actually taking the leap. Looking at it from a probability standpoint, starting your career in a BPO at a young age drastically reduces the likelihood of ever trying your hand at your own business. I also suspect (though this is purely conjecture based on my observations from recruitment processes I’ve been involved in) that it significantly diminishes long-term job satisfaction.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not against corporations. I understand their existence, their role in our economy, and I’m fully aware that they’re not inherently evil. In fact, there are many corporations that provide fantastic work environments where employees can truly thrive. The key is to find a great team with an inspiring leader.

P.S. Of course, I understand that there are people for whom this type of work is perfectly fine. They find fulfillment in it, and that’s great. I’m aware that for some, work is not a super important element of life and serves primarily as a means to earn a living. What might be a dream job for one person could be a nightmare for another. So, while I stand by my advice, remember that your career path is ultimately up to you.

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