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The Nuances of Delegation: Beyond the Simple Advice

Delegate That Task! As a mentor or coach, it’s easy to dispense this advice. It sounds smart, non-controversial, and universally applicable. Every manager or founder has encountered this counsel. While delegating is undeniably a pivotal managerial skill, it’s often presented too simplistically.

In my perspective, the common advice lacks depth. It doesn’t consider the nuances or address the reservations one might have when delegating. Its broad nature limits its utility.

So, what’s often overlooked in the “delegate more” mantra? The essence of trust. Delegation should be directed towards individuals you trust, both in terms of their values and their competencies. Delegating without this trust can lead to anxiety or frustration.

Preparation is key to effective delegation. If you’re assembling a team, be deeply involved in the recruitment. It’s crucial to discern if you can trust a potential hire from the outset. Hastily hiring can lead to future challenges. If you already lead a team, invest time in understanding them. Recognize their competencies, motivations, and behaviors. This insight will guide you in delegating tasks effectively. But, be wary of over-relying on a single individual, as it can disrupt team dynamics.

Lastly, while the intricate act of delegation itself is beyond the scope of this article, there’s a crucial note to remember: clarity is paramount, for no one can truly read your mind. Always ensure your instructions and expectations are unmistakable, so you won’t forget and neither will those you delegate to.

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